Update on medication (again!)

I have not been happy with my “doubling the dose” of my antidepressant.  Aside from that initial boost to serotonin levels, all I have noticed subsequently are the side effects.  Namely, dizziness, tiredness, headaches and, worst of all, a “drugged out”, unfeeling sense of distance from reality.  I have given the trial a reasonable length of time to come right and it just hasn’t.  Certainly not how I choose to live.

So, this morning I went down to my previous dose and I will have to see what impact that has on me.  I did a bit of googling- as one does-  on reducing the dose, and it is recommended to drop by 25% per week.  I have just halved it straight away, so I will probably feel a bit weird, but I am sure I will be able to push on through.  Of course, I should have consulted with my doctor before doing this.  But I think my logic is sound.  I have definitely not had a boost in my mood- the bigger bath-plug that my antidepressant is supposed to be for my serotonin levels has not worked at plugging that hole.

At the same time I have been reading about all the benefits that intermittent fasting can have on the brain.  The specific talk I watched (from a Toastmasters perspective, I must apologise for the far-from-riveting way this work is presented) is on this link and the talk is specifically referring to the preventative effect fasting has on the development of alzheimers and dementia.  In my own life, I have definitely noticed that I feel sharper, more mentally alert and yes, even happier, when I get into what I suspect is ketosis, or a fat-burning state.

Now, of course, I am toying with coming off the medication completely.  Given that my life is relatively simple and stress-free right now, this may be a good time to try this.  And, of course, I would love to be free of medication.  I have this constantly suppressed wish to be able to function free of medication.  It is suppressed because I know each time I have tried this in the past, I have turned into a sobbing, irrational loony who thinks the world is evil and everyone and everything is out to get me.  My doctor always tells me that there is no shame in being on medication for life if one has chronic depression.  I get the logic.  But the wish is there.

Should I try it once more?  Dare I?!

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  1. Hi Cam
    I think that now is a pretty good time to try something different… Go for it, try coming off completely and see how it works out!

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