My husband, Pete, often says to me “It must be so amazing being you”, or “You are living the dream, Cam” and other similar things.

And yes, from the outside, it certainly looks that way!

I have a wonderful husband who loves me AND earns well. So I don’t have to worry about making ends meet, or even necessarily contributing financially to our household income. I have a son and a daughter who are bright and beautiful. I live in a lovely house with an adoring dog and a frustratingly elusive cat. Up until recently I had my own business (everyone’s dream!) that grew out of its space at home 4 years ago and was located close by, so that I had a very short commute. I am physically healthy, fit, and I don’t hate what I see when I look in the mirror.

And yet, most days, it feels like I am dragging a huge weight around with me. That weight is my mental state. I have struggled with depression since my teens, and anxiety more recently. Living with depression and anxiety is the core focus for this blog. Other topics I want to cover are lighter- favourite recipes, books, fashion and other random thoughts!